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Stephanie Mitchen Looking for Love the Right Place After two failed marriages turned to alcohol soothe her wounds. Rick Moncrief A Deadly Fall Vision and Remarkable Recovery fell his head as was working to restore power after hurricane. Thirteen years later he loves to tell his story of healing [...] 591

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Rob Melody Dillard Infertile Couple Face Cancer the Midst of Miraculous Pregnancy She lost baby struggled through years infertility and was diagnosed with breast . After leading life of crime he finally broke free and found the love craved. Rick Aguilar Feels the Magnificence of Christ suffered from throat infection that made life very difficult but one day Club Pat Robertson prayed for condition. Hans Nelson Rapped Up In the Wrong Things felt called out of secular music world and is now Christian hip hop artist with new found peace purpose [...] 727

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It was an idol. Gene Moe Downing the Killer BearAn Alaskan Huntsman Tale has been expert backcountry for more than years. Tony Stevens A Marine the Frontlines Semper Fi. Terri Malenfant Just Prayer Away Back pain immobilized her until someone TV prayed for [...] 908

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Ron Zaucha Vision of Jesus most viewed Behind the bars this California prison thought hope was lost forever. Jimmy Reeves Shot to the Heart This indie New York musician had breakup that sent him into tailspin. Drugs and runin with the law made this jockey change ways. Kevin Dodge Two Life Sentences Later When The Club left was prepared to live rest of his prison [...] 582

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WlImgSm https users x myprofile profilephoto UserTileStatic pck uex ufofoff usid . Doris Egbert Holding On To Faith for Miracle Medically inexplicable seizures began plague years but she never lost God that heals [...] 251

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Cameron Maine Divine Romance As party girl realized that there was void drugs boys and booze couldn fill. Vi Rael An Unexpected Cure for Hair Loss was experiencing embarrassing on one side of her scalp when Kristi Watts had word knowledge The Club. Her s is a tale full of one miracle after another that would end so remarkably she admits could only have been hand God. Chris Morgan Davis didn t love when they married and his rage pushed her towards alcohol drugs arms of another man [...] 501

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Things were looking grim until his mom called The Club. David Affalter No More Nicotine He was addicted to smoking and chewing tobacco. Club Reporter Mia Evans spent the day with baritone William Lee Golden learn about his life and tragic event that family overcame [...] 269

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Back To Top Christian Testimonies of Salvation Paula Abbott The Love Father longed for and affectrion but she never received it. They prayed. Brian Warth Finding Freedom Behind Bars After committing murder the name of his gang was sentenced to life prison. One night when a client almost killed her she realized God had intervened to save [...] 588

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Island fever trapped Troy Aitken at early age. Read the update. Landon Sanderl Believing for Miracle Tenmonth old endured surgery six rounds of chemotherapy aggressive brain tumor only to discover also had spinal instability [...]